Few weeks after my wedding I could not remember the menu, except the couscous plate, that’s it. And soon I forgot a lot of details we put so many efforts into. If it wasn’t for the pictures. Your wedding pictures are all that stay after the day is over. You will put hundred of hours into it and your family and guests will invest time and money to travel from everywhere to share that special day with you. It will never happen again. And as years will go by your pictures will be your only investment that will grow in value and become priceless. Not only to you but to your children and the families that will follow. I know it’s my work but do not set for the average. Your photography investment is forever. Get the best images you can. Hire the best wedding photographer you can afford.

Planning a wedding is a daunting process. You will collect so many quotes from so many different vendors. And every service will have so many variables that you might think you will need an accountant to make sense of all those numbers. I want to help and do my part by tailoring a quote for you, no fluff. If you like my work, I would love to talk to you over the phone. I want to learn more about your wedding and give you a custom quote and tell what I can do for you and why my service excels.

If you want to have a rough idea of your investment, a classic wedding coverage with two photographers starts at $3600 and most of my clients invest between $4000 and $7000. A la carte pricing available for non-weekend celebrations.

My phone is 773 899 5370. Let’s talk about your wedding.


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