Chicago wedding photographer

 I’m inspired by people. I have a genuine interest and curiosity for the others. And I use my camera to communicate and bridge the differences.


I grew up in Rome, Italy, and got a bachelor degree in Philosophy in Pisa and Paris. Then I went to study screenwriting in Florence and decided to take the route of photojournalism. My interest in history and anthropology took me to South East Asia for the best part of seven years, which culminated with Amnesty International Italy publishing my pictures of the Burmese civil war. To sponsor my work in Asia, during the monsoon season I would travel back to Europe to work as a tour guide all over the continent. My vision and work have been influenced by all the people I came in contact with and by the aesthetic of all the countries I was lucky to live and work in.

Then, almost all of a sudden, I relocated to Chicago and I started documenting weddings. Much has changed from the time I was shooting BW film and spending hours in the darkroom. But something stayed the same: my passion for portraits and for writing stories through images. Even now that I work primarily with digital, I always stop and think before pressing the shutter. Because I look for images that can tell your story. If you are looking for a Chicago wedding photographer and you are looking for an authentic approach, I would like to get in touch with you.


Planning a wedding can be a daunting process and I enjoy to do a team with the other vendors to make your wedding day as pleasant and worry free as possible. Since I arrived in Chicago, I shot over two hundred weddings on my own and I bring my experience to alleviate the work that goes into it. If you already have a plan, then I will go with it. But if you need help, I will come in with options to ease the process. I will focus on saving you time, before and during the wedding. I will give you suggestions to maximize our time together and to ensure you will enjoy your day while I take care of telling the story.

If you browse my blog you will notice that every wedding is very different. I don’t come to your wedding to fit you in a list of flattering poses. I come instead with an authentic passion for documentary photography and with the desire to portray your personalities. In a fair way, as you are, without taking your wedding away from you.

If you are looking for a Chicago wedding photographer and you like my work, I would love to hear from you.



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