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We pretty much laughed all day. This was a first time wedding from many point of views. It was first time I shot in a vineyard, the first time I shot in Michigan and also the first time I shot on my own birthday. Not only, it was the first time the bride and groom invited their guests to not use their cameras and cellphones during the ceremony and just enjoy it! Working mainly in Chicago, and therefore indoor, it is really refreshing to shoot with natural light for most of the day. Infact we got so many pictures that it was really difficult to narrow down a collection for the blog, left alone for the album that will follow. The rain forced Nicole and Travis to move the ceremony under the pavillion. Then it stopped and we were out again for pictures and the whole wedding party rolled with it. Looking back, the clouds made for a very special saturation of colors and I couldn’t imagine the picture any other way. Then Nicole and Travis took the dance floor and the chaos began.
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  • Kathy Maynard - June 27, 2013 - 8:10 am

    Certainly captured all the emotions of the day. Brings me back to a beautiful ceremony, and a fun loving, gorgeous couple. Thanks, Lorenzo for the memoriesReplyCancel

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